Nayika Agrawal

Konnect is the brain child of Nayika Agrawal.  

Nayika is a Computer engineer by profession and a doting mother of three lovely children. She has varied experience in the fields of Computer Networking, Product Development, Graphic designing, Website development, Printing, Social Media Marketing and Branding. She is also a partner with her husband at Amaze Marbles. 


The Vision and Mission: “To help provide a platform to women to create an identity for themselves by gaining confidence and financial independence” 


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Our Mission is to provide exposure and mentor-ship to inquisitive minds and to develop them into technologically updated and confident global leaders.

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Konnect is a Women empowerment Circle. We are 500+ ladies who meet once a month to learn, network and grow! We do workshops,meetings, exhibitions and seminars together.

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Everyone has a talent.. Women have to give up on their talents because they have many duties and they cannot hold a 9 to 5 job. Here at Konnect we are striving to build a platform for them to work as per their convenience and decide their own remunerations.

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We help you to manage risks and build confidence in your business and stretagy. We provide the continual support while simultaneously providing industry leading customer satisfaction.

Excellent opporunity to start Joint Ventures and Collaborate

Get Business Referrals for your business.

Be a Part of a Pan India Network

Increase your Visibility.

Discover Amazing People

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